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  NAACP  2016 Open House 

Join us on Saturday, February 6, 11am – 1pm, for our annual Open House.  Event will be held at the Kings Park Library, 9000 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA.  Come and meet branch leaders, member, community leaders, and politicians.  Let us know what your concerns are, as it relate to civil rights and discrimination.  Learn how you can become a part of an organization that fights for equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, color, ethnic group or sex or sexual orientation. Enjoy 

great food and exceptional jazz.

Rev. Dr. Kenny Smith named
Pastor Emaritus
Rev. Kenny Smith, former pastor of First Baptist Church of Vienna,was named Pastor Emeritus of the Church. Rev. Smith served as Pastor for 25 years before retiring.  

Helping to celebrate the occasion was his wife and other family members. Community leaders and politicians attending included Fairfax NAACP president Ginwright, Congressman Gerry Connolly and Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.


WELCOME to 2016

As we enter into another year, 2016, let us not forget the many accomplishments of 2016, our supporters and partners.  Our struggle continues.  One of our greatest advocacy works, in 2015,  was the partnership with CAALM, Students for Change and Alumni for Change, in the renaming of JEB Stuart High School to Thurgood Marshall High School. While not yet accomplished, many positive steps have been made toward this effort, to include the School Board passing their renaming policy, which would allow the changing of the school name.  The change.org petition has over 34,000 signatures. 

Education remains a top priority for our branch. There are approximately 500 children on a pre-school waiting list.  We all know that children learning experiences are increased the earlier they begin school.  Unfortunately, most of those on the waiting list are children of color.  There is still a disparate number of our children who are suspended or expelled from school, leading them into the criminal justice system.  This year we will continue to focus on the “school-to-prison pipeline” and work with the school board to reverse this trend. While some steps are being taken, we need more and, working together, I am sure we will be successful.

Mass incarceration is a big issue. Most of these arrests are a result of marijuana possession arrests is another area where Blacks are arrested and sentenced at a rate 3x higher than Whites. During 2016, we will continue to work to have these trends reversed by working with our legislators and educators to introduce Bills and rewrite policies. Senator Adam Ebbin will introduce the Decriminalization of Marijuana Bill, again this year.  I will be speaking, on behalf of the State Conference NAACP, in support of this Bill. 

Many thanks to our Executive Committee, members and supporters who have worked to help move our agenda forward. I look forward to your continued  support and a great year. 

Advocating can become expensive, but with your financial contributions, we can do more.  We look forward to your joining us, at our monthly meeting, sharing your thoughts, getting engaged and making this the best year ever.

Please consider a donation to help with our initiatives, regardless of how small the amount. These can be mailed to our address: PO Box 6661, Alexandria, VA  22306 or you can donate through PayPal on our webpage.    Shirley Ginwright, President


Building Families Through Adoption

Tens of thousands of children, across the United States, and more than 1400 in Virginia need permanent, loving adoptive families.  The children are waiting.  They have been waiting in the foster care system without a sense of stability and trust.  Many of these children are Black.  Most are school aged and many are teens.  Some have a physical or mental disability.  Many have siblings and need to be placed in homes with their brothers and sisters.  They, like us, need to belong and be in a loving, caring and understanding home.  These children would love to have someone to call "Mom" or "Dad."  Do you have love in your heart and space in your home to help remove our children from the foster care system?  If so, call 800-440-4090 (Virginia One Church, One Child, Inc.) for additional information, or contact your local Social Service office.  Make a difference in the life of a child.  Become an adoptive parent.


          Natasha McKenna
We will not stop until justice is done. 

BORN SUSPECT:  Stop and Frisk Abuses: The Continuing Fight to End Racial Profiling. Download the NAACP report.