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Voter Registration

Elections of National, State and Local officials will take place in November.  To ensure people are registered to vote, our branch has engaged an active Ad Hoc Voter Registration Committee.  Led by Kofi Annan and Karen Champlin, several voter registration drives are scheduled.  The first event was at the Hagle Circle National Night Out, which included door-to-door canvassing.

If you would like to assist in voter registration, please contact us at fairfaxnaacp@gmail.com.

Our next scheduled registration drive will be held on Sunday, Nov 4, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Alexandria. VA, beginning at 11AM. 


   Community Movie Night

Fairfax County NAACP partnered with the SEIU in hosting the Film screening of the 56-minute documentary "At the River I Stand," chronicling the final two months of the life of Dr. King and the Memphis sanitation workers strike.

A panel discussion was held, following the movie with civil rights and labor leaders. The panel discussion focused on the movie and the themes of the interconnectedness of economic and racial justice. The panelists were

Shirley Ginwright, Fairfax County NAACP President, 
LaDonna Sanders, Alexandria NAACP President, and David Broder, SEIU Virginia 512 President.

Over 50 people attended the screening.  Future plans are to continue the screening across Fairfax and other regions.  


Officer and At-Large Members Election 

The branch election of officers and at-large members will take place on November 12th. Here are important timelines of associated events and activities that will occur prior to the elections.  As with all elections, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard.  

  • September 10 - The Nomination Committee is selected at the September 10thgeneral  membership meeting. The Nomination Committee is responsible for establishing the “slate” for officers and at-large members for the 2017 – 2018 term. The Nomination Committee consists of no less than 5 and not more than 15 members. There can be no more than two (2) current Executive Committee members on this committee. Any current branch member can volunteer to participate on this committee.
  • September 15 -  The Nomination Committee will hold its first meeting at the Burke Library (our current general membership meeting location) at 7PM.  This is a tentative date and will be coordinated with the members of the committee, once they are identified. A chairperson of the Nomination Committee will be voted on at their first meeting.
  • The Nomination Committee Chair will determine future meetings of the Committee to determine the Slate which consist of:  President, VP (1,2,3), Secretary, Asst Secretary, Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, and At-Large Members. 2016 electionsThere can be only one nominee for each position, decided by the Nomination Committee. All nominees must be a member of the Fairfax County NAACP branch prior to April 1, 2016, have agreed to run for the position being nominated for, and have signed a nomination form.
  • October 8 – The slate of officers and at-large members will be presented to the membership during the October 8th general membership meeting. Also, nomination petitions will be accepted from the floor for any position. Each nomination petition from the floor must be signed by 3 current members. The Secretary will verify the membership of those signing the petition and verify that any nominee from the floor has been a member of the Fairfax County NAACP branch prior to April 1, 2016. 
  • Also at this meeting, the Election Supervisory Committee will be established.This committee consists of five (5) members. Each presidential candidate can appoint one person to serve on this committee. This is in addition to the 5. It is responsible for conducting the election (developing numbered ballots, determining method of voting, oversight of counting ballots, announcing final decision). The secretary will call the first meeting of the Election Supervisory Committee. A committee chair will be elected at this meeting.  Candidates CAN NOT particpate on the Election Supervisory Committee.

    Nov 12
    – Election of officers and at-Large members held at the Kings Park Library.  In order to vote, you must be a Fairfax County NAACP branch member 30 days prior to the election . There will be no Absentee Ballots.
  • Nov 19 – "Run off" election is conducted, if necessary. There will be no Absentee Ballots.
  • For questions, about the timeline and/or procedures or if interested in participating on the Nomination or Election Supervisory Committees, please contact Fairfax CountyBranch Secretary, Florine Murphy, at fairfaxnaacp@gmail.com.  You can also read the Bylaws pertaining to elections, located under "Documents" on this website.   




Governor McCauliffe

Voter Restoration

Gov. McAuliffe has restored the voting rights of all 13,000 Virginians whose civil rights and voter registrations were canceled as a result of a court order.   At a Press Conference in Richmond, he also announced a way forward for other returning citizens to get their rights restored.  This included: Individual grant orders and registration applications to the re-restored individuals have been mailed.  The Secretary of Commonwealth's office will continue to restore civil rights back to the remaining 200,000 individuals on an individualized basis, starting with those who have been released the longest.  Individuals who seek to have their rights restored can also provide their contact information and make the request directly to the Secretary of Commonwealth's office, and they will be prioritized.  

A database containing the contact information of those whose voting rights have been restored has been populated.  Organizations, to include the NAACP, are reaching out 

BORN SUSPECT:  Stop and Frisk Abuses: The Continuing Fight to End Racial Profiling. Download the NAACP report.